Daily Rituals Not Routines

January 15, 2018


We all kind of have our thing, right,  our own routine or what I like to call rituals that we do for the most part daily. We may not even realize that we do these things, and for others our entire day would be thrown off if our daily rituals were unable to happen that morning. Whatever your ritual may be, we all have them. For me I have been a creature of habit my entire life. A lot of the times we pick things up from our parents through observation.  I know I have. I am a morning person, this I got from my dad. When I think of my dad I think of a strong business man right off the bat, he has been my entire life a very strong business man. That's all he knows, he's never had a hobby or interests, just work. When I was young we used to have a boat on the Cape , but this boat was not purchased with a long time dream of him owning his own boat one day, no it was a tax write off for business parties.  All of my business knowledge I got from him, and my customer service skills from my mom.  My dad though, he built  his business skills  on his own. He grew up in NJ barely making it out of high school, worked odd jobs and enlisted in the Navy.  Then somewhere along the way he fell into Life Insurance, why I have no idea. He had his own agencies in a few cities, was VP in NYC, and traveled all over for decades. When people asked me what my dad for work I used to say he flew around, ate in nice restaurants, and stayed in hotels. It was the truth, well there were deals being made in there somewhere too I have to mention. My dad though was and still is a creature of habit. He would get up early, get himself ready for the day, shaved every single day, I have never seen my dad with facial hair, he put on his nicest suites, and always had his coffee set up the night before making sure it was ready for him in the morning, have a light breakfast, and off to the train he would go all before 5:30 am.  Most of all of my high school mornings would be driving him at 5:30 am. to the train to NYC.  That was the deal, if we wanted the car to drive to school in then we would have to drive him to the train station.   He was always dapper and put together. My dad now suffers from Parkinson's Disease as well as Dementia, but he is still the same person, still sticking to his routines, he still gets up early, sets his morning drinks up now mostly non-caffeinated tea because he is no longer allowed coffee. The point is, is that rituals and routines become a part of us and who we are. Without them, we are not us.  



I have always been the type to get up early, ease into my morning, relax, drink my coffee, watch the news, do yoga, or meditation, then I must make the bed. I have never been the type to just get up after hitting the snooze button 5 times, rushing to get in the shower, and run out the door with maybe a coffee or tea. I couldn't do it.  Being a mother of two young children, I have to get up at least an hour before my son wakes up for school. He by the way is 6 years old and loves waking up when "it looks like night time," aka 6 am.  He himself does not like to be rushed in the morning, all Morey genes passed down from my dad. Now my morning routine is set and has always been set but my evening routine is another story. Well I have one and it works for my children but I have now turned into the person that is asleep by 8:45, and I am only 35 years old. See my husband travels for work from Sunday evenings-Friday nights, every single week. Thank goodness rituals come easy for me otherwise I would be like a hurricane on a daily basis. I have though turned into the tired lady that must go to bed early due to doing so much during the day, by the time night arrives I am shot.  Well this week I have decided that I am starting a new evening ritual which I have learned from my mom. My mom was also just like myself, a mom of two kids with a husband traveling for work Sunday-Friday.  My moms must have in any house we have every lived in is a jacuzzi tub and now I know why (even though I don't have one). My new evening ritual includes taking a candle lit bath once the children are in bed.  I have tried different soaks for my bath, apple cider, baking soda/oatmeal, then bath salts with eucalyptus and spearmint oils, that one was my favorite and will be repeating that this evening. I love scented candles and about a million it seems like, I found a pleasant Kenny G station on Pandora (do not laugh at me), and all I need to do is relax about 15 mins a night but it was amazing. Going to bed so relaxed felt so nice, then I made myself a cup of chamomile tea.  It was the ideal way to spend my evenings after a hectic day. 


So my point is, find a ritual for both morning and night time that works for you and your lifestyle. It can be simple , it doesn't have to be waking up at 4:00 to meditate, you find what fits you. Having rituals sets the tone for your day to have a successful day in business and in life, and evening rituals to ensure a healthy and restful nights sleep . Cheers to happy and successful days!

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