A Divine You

January 31, 2018

Towards the end of each year you hear from people all around who are reciting their New Years Resolution, the whole new year new me thing as we tend to hear each year. The truth is most people never actually follow through with this tradition, although some people may.  I myself tend to have the same resolution each and every year in which I always keep to myself.  This year however I was reading a blog by Tonya Leigh in which instead of asking what your resolution is, she asked what is your "WORD OF THE YEAR?"  This jumped out to me because it was unique and different for I have never heard someone ask what is your "word."  I read everyone's comments out of curiosity to see what was the word that meant the most to them.  I read things such as mindfulness, irresistible, happiness, fierce, balance, all of which are great words to choose! So I thought about it for a minute and asked myself;  Who are you really? Who do you want to be? What do you want more of? How do you want to project your true self to the world? There it was clear as day to me "DIVINE." This word for me makes sense because I had closed the door to my past and was unbecoming everything that I wasn't. I love the word ELEGANT  but that is my business name so I didn't want to choose something that was matchy matchy. This word can mean something different to everyone, but for me it doesn't mean the religious meaning of "God like" or "prayer", it means for me "SUPREMELY GOOD." I wanted more things to be divine, not just clothing or jewelry but to act in a divine manner through not only business but home life. Trying not to yell at the kids when they are not listening, or how I respond or react to situations, my train of thought because I believe that thoughts become things.  Self talk and how we view ourselves gets transmitted to the universe. For relationships to be more divine and true, enjoying time together and eating a divine meal at the table, or creating a business studio that was more divine for me and my business. Cary Grant said "I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be, until finally I became that person. Or he became me."  Only if you pretend then it will always be pretend, you have to believe in it. Remember thoughts become things always.  So I have to believe in the word DIVINE in order to make things in my life and around me more divine.  It is not an easy task and you have to remind yourself daily of the person you want the world to see and who you want to become. So I ask you just like Tonya Leigh asked, what is your word?

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